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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Invitation for Weary Leaders

YOU:  A leader ready to share the pain, gain, risks and rewards of leadership 

What?  A “Taste” of Holacracy®: with co-founder Brian Robertson
Who should attend?  Business owners, community leaders & consultants
When?  Friday, Oct 25 from 1 -5
Where? UMASS Continuing & Professional Ed, 100 Venture Way, Hadley, MA
Why?    Experience “exquisite organization” for purpose-driven organizations

This educational event, sponsored by Bredenberg Associates and UMASS Family Business Center, lets participants sample through simulation an evolutionary approach to organizational systems design that distributes authority throughout the organization -- allowing good decisions to be made faster, work to get done better, and creativity to be unleashed. Holacracy is a social technology for purpose-driven organizations and communities.

The April session sold out, and this time people are coming from around the country. There are a few seats left for you and your colleagues. Read more about the Taster and register here:

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Holacracy directly from Brian Robertson, who presented at Wisdom 2.0 conference, TEDx, and many other international forums.

Ingrid Bredenberg, M.A.

P.S. Holacracy is not just for business. It helps non-profits, educational institutions, associations and community groups fulfill their purpose more nimbly and cost-effectively.

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