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Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Non-Romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day!
It's a reminder to open my heart to love.  It's a chance to share love...romantically, platonically, spiritually.
Even though I'm an incurable romantic, Valentine's Day hasn't always been one of my favorite holidays.  Many V-days I've been single and not in a romantic relationship.  All the hearts and flowers, reminders to "share your love," and storefronts with displays of sexy lingerie were irritating reminders of what I didn't have in my life.  I longed for a partner that I could lavish with love and attention.  It was easy to slip into depression and a sense that I was really missing out on an important aspect of life.
So I learned to be creative...and loving.  I declared Valentine's Day, "I Love Me Day" and make sure I give myself the love and caring that I would give to a lover.   It helped to actually plan my Valentine's Day in advance so that I could arrive on the date with an open heart and positive anticipation.  Starting with my first thoughts of the day, greeting myself with words of love and appreciation....even pointing out those qualities that are unique and would sound like bragging if I said them out loud to someone else.   Hey, I know myself!
Even on work days...especially on work days...I make sure to treat myself to things that I might not otherwise do...take a leisurely lunch break followed by a walk, personal pampering, lose myself in a good movie or book (you don't need another person to enjoy a good flick and homemade popcorn).  I found some very interesting non-romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's Day here.
This year I am grateful that I have a beloved to celebrate Valentine's Day with.  He's already dropping hints about a special meal that he's planning to make and other delicious surprises for the evening.  I've got a few ideas of my own.  But I'm still planning on celebrating "I Love Me Day."

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