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Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Leadership a Position, Process or Practice?

We often think of leadership as a "position." But really, it's as much a process as well as a personal practice. What is YOUR leadership practice or process? 

Curiosity is a skill I encourage leaders to cultivate. In the 21st century, leaders can't possibly have all the answers. But they CAN ask useful questions. Well-formed questions can engage participation, encourage creativity, and help focus efforts toward a goal.

If you are interested in resources and research into Leadership behavioral "best practices," join a select group of leaders, OD professionals and trainers in Boston on Thursday, March 13 for Leadership Essentials: Intro to The Work of Leaders, where we will explore a simple, compelling leadership process that successful leaders use. Registered participants will receive a personalized Work of Leaders profile that provides feedback on their application of research-based leadership best practices. 


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