Holacracy Taster Event:

A review of the Holacracy Taster event in Hadley, MA 2013
Who was this workshop for?
  • LEADERS: Business, community, non-profit, education, healthcare leaders who are seeking ways to make their organizations more nimble and sustainable
  • BOARDS OF DIRECTORS: Deepen understanding of governance practices and organization models
  • EDUCATORS & INNOVATORS: Introduction to leading edge systems thinking
  • CONSULTANTS & COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS: Experience evolutionary organizational practices
Learning Objectives:
  • Experience a transformative governance process that creates clear roles and accountabilities even while dynamically evolving as-needed
  • Interactively explore Holacracy's self-organizing structure and double-linking paradigm, and learn how it scales across organizations small and large
  • Experience Holacracy's lightning-quick, action-focused Tactical Meetings
  • Connect the dots to see Holacracy's end-to-end approach to move from aim to action, and how it grounds an abstract purpose in concrete next-actions
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Essential Skills for 21st Century Leaders:

Clip from leadership workshop in Northampton Ma, 2011
Is leadership an inherent quality or is it something that can be learned and practiced?
What was this workshop about?:
This program was designed for business and community leaders, consultants and coaches. It was created to equip leaders with knowledge and best practices that are essential to guiding your organization and team. This highly interactive session addresses real-world demands that today’s leaders face. Participants had powerful conversations that were generated through strategic inquire, multi-media presentations, and case studies. There were outcome-based actives leading to clear path for action!
What is The Work of Leaders?
This program utilized a DiSC profile, The Work of Leaders, to create a personalized experience. The Work of Leaders was developed from six years of research analyzing and distilling the work of prominent leadership scholars. Interviews with over 300 leadership experts contributed to this program’s design. Self-assessment, peer interactions, and expert facilitation inspire strategies for more skillful leadership. Designed for leaders in all sectors and throughout organizations.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define Emotional Intelligence and learn its importance in our leadership, relationships, and life!
  • Begin to explore The Work of Leaders and what it has to offer for a business or organization
  • Learn about our personal leadership styles and how they interact with one another
  • Start building a leadership "toolkit" to aid your team

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