Energizing and Equipping You and Your Team

We work with leaders and teams who are ready to take their organization to the next stage of evolution.  We serve as experts, guides and coaches, using leading-edge tools, techniques and models for Crafting a Vision, Building Alignment, and Championing Execution in organizations of all sizes. 

Bredenberg Associates helps leaders and teams work together better!
We provide executive coaching and strategic facilitation to leaders and senior teams, helping them align and agree on a shared vision, purpose, and values for their organizations.

Through interviews, assessment, observation, and group facilitation we gather data that identifies organizational and team strengths and problems. We then equip leaders and teams with proven methods and leading-edge tools for innovative strategic thinking, effective project planning and impactful communications.


Gear up for what’s next…in your organization or your career…with this customized interactive exploration of proven leadership best practices that are critical to effective leadership.   This program addresses real-world demands that today’s leaders face.  Powerful conversations are generated through strategic inquiry, multimedia presentations, and case studies.  Outcome-based activities lead to a clear path for action.

Senior Team Alignment

A high performing senior leadership team sets the direction of the entire enterprise. They design the organizational systems and structures for successful sustainability. They are the architects of a work culture that develops an engaged and effective workforce by fostering trust and accountability. They use their experience, expertise and diverse perspectives to create comprehensive and well-considered strategies that achieve remarkable results. Collectively and individually, this group serves as guides, mentors, and coaches to their staff, customers and partners, helping them achieve their goals.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Leaders must be able to lead at the speed of change. To be able to respond effectively to different situations, they must really understand themselves… their strengths and weaknesses… and be able to adjust their behavior to the circumstance.

Most successful people have high emotional intelligence (EQ). They are self-aware.  They are authentic. They are empathetic.  They understand their impact on others.  They are life-long learners, willing to try new behaviors and develop new habits in order to be more effective.

Using state-of-the-art learning tools and assessments, we help leaders develop their EQ, resulting in enhanced effectiveness, better relationships, increased self-mastery and personal satisfaction.


Strategic Planning

Bredenberg Associates’ facilitators bring years of experience in guiding boards of directors, leadership teams and work groups through a process that results in a compelling vision for the future, action plans that address priorities and a roadmap to follow. Working in “real time” meetings and customized training sessions, we take leaders to the right “altitude” to plan and address the critical issues of their organizations.  We help them create a shared vision, align on a mission, establish milestones, and design organizational systems that make the most of their resources.

Strategic Coaching

Setting the course, positioning the organization and navigating the economic, social and political environments are critical responsibilities of leaders and senior teams. Successful leaders approach the challenges with confidence, curiosity, and effective communication skills. Through observation, interviews and assessment, Bredenberg Associates identify the skills and awareness gaps and then equip leaders with tools and techniques for shaping strategy to guide their organization to its next success.

Strategic Visioning

Sometimes the future isn’t clear enough to begin planning. Effective Strategic Plans are built on well-developed long-term visions. Our seven-part Strategic Visioning Process is part of every Strategic Planning project that we facilitate.

Organizational Design & Succession Planning

As Baby Boomers retire in droves and Millennials enter the workforce, not only does work culture change, but the entire nature of work takes different form with new languages, knowledge and norms. Technology brings opportunities and challenges as relationships and workplaces become more virtual and global.  Organizations must be able to attract, retain and develop people with the winning attitudes and talents to succeed in this dynamic environment.


Creating High Performing Teams
Synchronized Energy = Synergy = Aligned Results Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. Today organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at the speed of change.