Leadership Quick Tip: Visioning

Become a better leader and team member by harnessing the energy of your desires, defining your dreams and sharing your vision.

  • Desires – Sometimes it’s easiest to start with what’s working that you’d like to change. Where is there pain or tension? What do you want instead?
  • Dreams – How would you be feeling if things were different? What would others be doing or saying? What would you be doing? Don’t worry about “how” this will happen. Focus on what you or your situation will look and feel when the shift has happened.
  • Visions – Write it down. Describe this new situation. Focus on the positive results. Draw a picture or take images from a magazine that represent this vision. Create a Vision Board or a Dream Book — a collage of pictures and words that represent this desired state. Talk “as if” it has already happened.

In our Leadership Innovation Academy programs, we guide leaders and teams through a visioning process that ignites their creativity, aligns their visions and lays a foundation for planning and action.

This highly interactive 3 – 4 hour process helps teams:
     1. Create a shared vision of the future     2. Clarify priorities and goals
     3. Engage and align team members
     4. Communicate compelling messages about their purpose

Want more information about the Leadership Innovation Academy’s Visioning Process? Contact us at (727) 308-0812

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