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Leadership Innovation Academy

Engage • Energize • Evolve

Responding to the demand for leadership development in health care, government and communities across the nation, the Leadership Innovation Academy exists to equip leaders, teams and change agents with research-based, relevant and replicable programs and resources for building productive workplaces where people thrive. 

Leadership Innovation Academy experts, trainers and facilitators provide proven approaches, skillful facilitation and leading-edge resources for leadership development and organizational agility and vitality.

We Partner with National Sponsoring Organizations to:
  • Design, develop and deploy high-impact, system-wide, capacity-building training
  • Convene large-scale community conversations that lead to effective action
  • Facilitate leaders’ briefings, trainings and executive roundtables
  • Strategic team coaching for alignment and collaboration
  • Interactive business models and simulations
  • Holacracy® systems, transparent design and agile practices
  • Research, prototyping and piloting

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Cultivating Creativity, 

Collaboration & Community


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