Transform Conflict into Productivity

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Did you know that 385 million workdays are spent in unproductive conflict, costing companies $359 billion in paid work hours, according to Entrepreneur magazine? How many hours do you spend dealing with conflict and confusion?
If you are a supervisor, manager or leader, you could be spending as much as a third of your time dealing with conflict…your’s or another’s. Here are a few tips for taking care of yourself in situations where there is tension.
Before you react, get curious.  Ask…
1. What is the tension? Perhaps it is conflicting priorities or different perspectives on a
situation.  Maybe it is from missed expectations. Having an understanding of the real
cause, not just the effect, can lead to better, long-lasting solutions.
2. Where do you feel it in your body? Our bodies often react before our reasoning, so
we move quickly into defensive or offensive “positions” rather than seeking alignment &
collaboration. We have “automatic thoughts,” or reactions that can lead to “fight or flight”
which rarely resolves the conflict and can add to resentment.
3.  What is the need (yours or others)? Just asking “What do you need?” can help
identify the core issue and often lead to a solution. Since people often don’t know how
to articulate needs in specific outcomes or behaviors, managers may need to coach
people to help them identify and address those needs more autonomously.

4.  What will resolve this tension? Human needs are often very basic and can be
resolved through clarity of roles, responsibilities, expectations and communications.
Time spent clarifying the need can save time in the long run. In the workplace, conflict
can often be resolved by clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing policies that
spell out priorities or assigning tasks to a specific role so that people know who’s
doing what.

Since people have different needs at different times, it’s natural…even healthy…to have conflict since it can lead to more clarity and understanding. Since conflict is inevitable, it’s important to turn destructive conflict into productive conflict.

Turn destructive conflict into productive conflict
If you have any Everything DiSC profile, you can create a Comparison Report with any co-worker or friend that also has an Everything DiSC profile in just a few easy steps.
1. Create or log into your account
2. Request a Comparison Report with the other person.
     3. Once the Comparison Report has been created you’ll find tips for addressing tensions
         and creating a more productive relationship.
     4. Make a date for discussing a current issue or preparing for a future collaboration
         using the information you have about each other.
     5. Create an action plan for working better together as you understand each others’
         needs, preferences and priorities
     6. Want more tips? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute laser coaching session here.

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