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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Will you dance?

Why should leaders dance?  
It's more than a great metaphor...dancing requires essential leadership skills.
A leader who dances has courage, confidence, and creativity...or at least, chutzpah!

How does dance inform leadership?
It takes combination of technique and improvisation.  Building muscles and coordination.

Dance leaders...are aware of the surrounding conditions, have focus and direction, embody and communicate rhythm and pace to their partners.  Mature leaders know how to make their partners look good while inviting them to fully express...and even take risks.

Brilliant leaders...focus on their partners while providing framing and direction.
Supportive leaders...provide presence, clear signals, and appreciation.
Graceful leaders...attend to limitations and engage the strengths of partners.
Conscious leaders are aware of surroundings and guides partners to open space where they can fully express their dance.
Creative leaders...transform “missteps” into new choreography.
Effective leaders...encourage and challenge partners to new levels of learning, skill and accomplishment.

YOUR leadership challenge...

  • How do you invite, inspire and encourage others to dance with you?
  • What keeps you from trying new steps and choreography in your leadership
  • What skills or support to be a leader that dances?

Need more reasons to dance?
This Scientific American article explains the mental, physical and pleasure benefits of dancing:

INSPIRATION…leaders who dance:
Nelson Mandela dances: Click Here
Tony Hsieh – Finger Dance Challenge: Click Here
Hillary Clinton dances in Africa: Click Here  (OK, she looks awkward...but that's when a true leader just has to be willing to go with the flow.

Stephen Hull Blog:  The Day I saw Nelson Mandela Dance: Click Here
Photos, videos of your favorite leader…or you…dancing

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