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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Building a Culture of Health

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation CEO Risa Lavisso-Mourey gives a compelling description of the current healthcare and social landscape at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

After describing the many problems in the system, she spotlights innovative solutions and programs that are already yielding results in building healthy communities and organizations. She makes a business case and raises a challenge to use the power of ideas and synergies to build a more healthy society. She invites a conversation that creates connections and leverages alliances.

We need more effective storytellers like Risa to weave the web of integrated healthy organizations, communities and countries. Nurses and other health care providers need to step up and speak up in conversations with business, education and political leaders as well as with the communities they serve. By their own account, many nurses admit that their perspectives and insights have not been well represented in high level discussions and policy making. Many of them are now ready to step up to leadership and just need to be prepared and given opportunities to serve on boards and leadership teams.

Working with the CT League for Nursing, the CT Nursing Workforce Center and the CT Action Coalition, I am designing a program to prepare nurses to sit at leadership and policy-making tables.

The Institute of Nursing Leadership & Innovation equips current and emerging nursing leaders with essential leadership skills, proven processes and resources to contribute to the evolution of healthy, resilient communities.

We just launched the program at the Nursing Workforce Centers Forum in Hartford.  Essential Skills for 21st Century Nurse Leaders will be held in July 2014 with an exclusive Nurse Leadership Roundtable launching in October. For more information about these and future leadership programs, contact us at 413.522.0811.


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