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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tips for Making Learning "Stick"


Developing talent is one of the most important investments successful organizations make to build and sustain high-performing cultures. This can be an expensive proposition if there isn't a strategy for having classroom and online learning be reinforced and applied before, during, and after training and coaching.

Here are some Tips for Making Learning "Stick". Contact us to help you apply these tips for more impactful training.

1. Pre-work - Prepare learners for their classroom or online learning by informing them about:
  • Purpose of training - Why are they attending this program?
  • Learning outcomes - What will they leave the session with?
  • Expectations - What do they need to bring, wear or be prepared to present?
  • Article, assessment or survey - Engage participants by learning about themselves or the topic prior to the session
2. Content absorption - Participants learn more when they are physically and mentally involved.
  • WII-FM - "What's in it for me?" - Assessments help people learn more because the content can be directly related to what they are learning about themselves.
  • Depending on the program content, having people review, share and/or teach a portion of what was just learned to another person in the class helps learners "digest" the material more fully.
  • Feedback & Commitment - A simple feedback form that has people complete the following phrases encourages them to reflect on their learning and provides useful information to the trainer.
                        -I liked...
                        -I learned...
                        -I wish...
                        -I'm committed to...

3. Follow-up and reinforcement - critical to the success of any training is assuring that it is "applied".
  • Follow-up communication to participants AND their supervisors with a review of the training purpose and outcomes will remind them of the content.
  • Activity suggestions or requirements to apply their new knowledge and skills at work.
  • Using MyEverythingDiSC platform so participants can access and continue to learn about themselves through their DiSC reports.

Want more tips like this? Contact us to set up a strategic coaching session or training that might be right for you, your organization, or your team!


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