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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gratitude & Appreciation: The Overlooked Keys to Workplace Success

"Help people reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right.”
— Ken Blanchard, PhD & Spencer Johnson, MD

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When was the last time that you expressed your gratitude towards a co-worker, a colleague, team, or even a manager? And I don’t just mean a “thank you.” I’m referring to specifics - a thank you of value to show that you truly notice another person’s talents and effort. Gratitude and appreciation work like magic...sparking motivation, elevating energy, and improving performance.  If your workplace is stressful, co-workers lack motivation, or goals lag...try catching people doing something right and showing appreciation on a regular basis. A few moments of positive, focused attention can help remedy the situation! Here’s a sneak peek from The New One Minute Manager, the updated classic resource for improving workplace environment and results through three powerful, yet simple secrets.

The New One Minute Manager Book
Ken Blanchard, PhD and Spencer Johnson, MD share their secrets to cultivating a productive, honest, and motivated team in “The New One Minute Manager” and it begins with gratitude. Their key to success in the workplace boils down to the fact that they understand people and what makes them tick.
Think of times when you excelled in life, whether routine as making your bed for a fresh new start on your day.  Or when you finished a project that took months or even years to complete but you produced something you were proud of.
What do they all have in common?
What was memorable about them that motivated you to keep going with that habit or to strive for further success?
It’s likely you felt good about yourself and had some...or even a lot of confidence.
One of the One Minute Manager’s “secrets” is that:

People Who Feel
Good About Themselves
Good Results

But there’s more… A simple “thank you” doesn’t cut it for providing the satisfaction and motivation that people need. There is more value in giving immediate and specific appreciation. Try to “catch people doing something right” and give them praise right then and there! A great way to do this is to take some time to roam the office and notice the great work people are doing. Use these moments to show your appreciation and give some praise; but remember, only give praise where it is deserved, otherwise, it acts as a demotivated and devalues those who work hard at what they do. When praising, be specific. Let the individual know what you noticed, why you appreciate her/his work and how it helped you and/or the team, and give encouragement to keep it up! Not only does this benefit the person receiving praise and motivate them to excel, but it also makes the praiser feel good about themselves and the leadership that they are providing! In the words of Blanchard and Johnson’s One Minute Manager:

Help People
Reach Their
Full Potential.

Catch Them
Doing Something

Strong leaders are those who provide meaningful encouragement and who inspire true growth in those around them. Expressing timely, deserved, and specific gratitude is a key to being a successful leader. When people feel appreciated they think and speak more positively, leaving less room for gossip, negativity, and frustration; they are more motivated to tackle and complete bigger and better projects; and the relationship between boss and employee evolves into one of partnership, where both parties have the desire to work together to achieve excellence. Take up the habit of expressing your gratitude and giving praise to those around you. I assure you, you’ll only receive positive results! After all, it is the season to be thankful!

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